Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 years!

Hello folks!  It's been a fun and busy summer getting to perform and teach at festivals like Fiddle Tunes, Hermit, Stringband Jamboree, and more.  Things are cooling down as Fall rolls in and we've got a few exciting things coming up.  First we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary as a band!  Our meeting was serendipitous and I don't think either of us could have imagined the things we've done through the last decade.  To celebrate, we'll be playing at our old haunt, Boundary Bay Brewery in downtown Bellingham on Thursday, Sept 17.  Right after that, we'll fly out to Louisville, Kentucky for the National Jugband Jubilee where we are honored to be performing.  And just around the corner on Oct 2 in Seattle, we'll be playing an intimate concert at the Garden House sharing the bill with one of our favorites and a big inspiration through the years, Del Rey!  We hope to see you!  More details about all this on our calendar page.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Howdy Folks,

  We've got an upcoming concert in Seattle that we're pretty excited about.  It's at The Hillman City Collaboratory in South Seattle, and will feature dance instruction (Charleston), and plenty of opportunity to get down and shake it to our music.  Plus we'll do a little talking about who we are and the music that we play.  It all goes down on Thursday, February 19th, at 8pm.  5623 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, 98118

  Here's a bit about the folks organizing this concert...

  Hope to see you there!

Also coming up Feb 12-15 is the 7th annual Olympia Old Time Music Festival!  The Gallus Bros aren't playing there, but Devin will be there playing with the Tallboys Country Band, and leading two workshops on Friday, Feb 13 (country blues guitar, and beginning mandolin respectively).

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Album Release!

Howdy Folks,

  So we're out with the new album.. In The Shack.  Wanna hear it?  Well come on out and see us!  We'll have it up for digital download soon, but in the meantime we'd love to see you in person.  Check our calendar for all the details...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the Shack

We're headed into the "studio" tomorrow morning to record our fourth album!  It's certainly overdue.  We're pretty excited about recording a lot of songs that have made it into our regular performing set list.  And we're incorporating a few fiddle/banjo tunes in there as well.  Andy Rick, also known as the "not really a Dobro" player with The Shadies, will be recording us out in his venerable backyard studio.. home to many a jam, a spilled beer, funny smells, and my home away from home...  The Shack. 

  More to come soon!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hello friends..

Well now people!  We just had a blast playing at TEDx Bellingham.  What an amazing, bizarre, and fun experience.  Just wanted to let y'all know.. we're playing this Saturday at the Green Frog.  Not only that, but we're sharing the bill with a really cool travelling performer, Hazel Ra, and one of our very favorite local bands.. Hot Damn Scandal!  9:30pm at the ol' Green Frog!  Hot Dog!  Sittin' on a log!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello Neighbors!

Hey folks..  Been awhile.. well what can we say?  We're a couple o' bums who don't play on the computer too much..  We do play a shit ton of music though, and we've got some shows coming up that we thought we'd clue you in on..

  This Wednesday, April 10th, we'll be opening up for our good buddies the Foghorn Stringband right here in good ol' Bellingham.  Where?  Why, the Green Frog of course with it's ample dancing space, plentiful good drinks, big-ass back deck, and bacon hour.  Yes!  Show starts about 8:30 and cost $10

  Saturday, April 20th, you can find us at Randy's Roadhouse along with Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Boris Budd, Headliners, and Bad Assets!  Randy's is a Bellingham institution, being a house show venue that's been going at it for 20 years now!  There is always salmon on the grill, lot's of people you know, kids, grandma's, dancers, prancers and all.  It's a $5 donation, dinner starts at 6:30, music at 7pm.  We'll be going on around 11.  If you wanna know where..  well,  ask and you shall receive.  or something like that.

  Friday, May 3rd, we'll be in Seattle along with our dear buds the Crow Quill Night Owls, at Slim's Last Chance in Georgetown.  We haven't played at Slim's for a few years.. I'm really looking forward to eating some beans and cornbread and having a fuggin partay!

  Saturday, May 4th, we'll still be in Seattle, this time up in Ballard at Conor Byrnes with the fabulous Foghorn Stringband.  So if you can't catch us Friday, come and see us tonight!  ...or vice versa.  We're stoked to play with Foghorn for many reasons, a few of them being..  They simply play KICK ASS music.  We have seen each other in less than sober moments in the wilds of Alaska and lived to tell.  Reeb plays a guitar that Devin built.  They are all devastatingly handsome and beautiful, at the same time.  For these reasons and more, you should be there!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bellingham Shows!

Hello friends,

   It's been quite awhile since we've posted here. As many of you know Lucas has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for seven months now, and had a major surgery in the midst of it. To say it has been extremely difficult is an understatement. Yet throughout these months Luke has stayed strong, kept an inspiring high spirit, and of course played music whenever humanly possible. There has been an incredible amount of support from friends and family in Bellingham and beyond. It's hard to express enough gratitude. Thank you. Well, just this weekend Lucas finished his final round of chemo and it's time to fucking celebrate. There's still many months ahead of healing, possible after-effects and physical therapy, but that's not slowing down our man. So we hope you can come join us at one of these shows, drink a toast to good health, and symbolically give Lucas a pat on the back! (but PLEASE don't actually pat him on the back.)

November 3rd - Randy's Roadhouse! w/Stella Bruce, Ben Wildenhaus, Boris Budd, Scott Greene Band, more!?
 Randy's is a B'ham institution of sorts. Perhaps one of the longest running house show venues in town. You can expect a salmon BBQ, good company young and old, and great music. And it happens to be Randy's birthday. Don't know where it is? send me an email and we'll get you there.

November 4th - 2 shows!
 early- Ciderfest @Bellewood Acres I believe we play around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Good food, good cider, good music.

late- The Shakedown w/Crow Quill Night Owls, Sansa and Shiri(oakland/nola) It's always a joy to play with our good friends! Join us tonight for the show we've all been waiting for. Crow Quill are no strangers to these parts, bringing the best hokum, rags, and jugband music around. We're really excited that Sansa and Shiri are in town. They do a great variety show with German cabaret, 40's harmonies, skits, jokes, tap dancing and more! You might know Shiri from Sour Mash Hug Band, and Sansa from the Yard Dogs Road Show.

                                                       Hope to see you all soon!